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  • Categorical variable and the constant

    Hello! Please bare with me for this question. I'm a STATA novice and have just begun learning about statistics.
    My situation is this:
    I'm doing a multiple logistic regression predicting a binary outcome.
    I have a categorical variable called Polarization and it is coded like this:
    0: Serious polarization.
    1: Moderate polarization.
    2: Medium polarization.
    3: Limited polarization.
    4: No polarization.

    Polarization is one of my independent variables in the multiple logistic regression model. In the output the variable is not significant. However, the constant is. If the constant is when all IVs are zero, then this must entail that Polarization must take on the value 0 = serious polarization. Is how I should intepret the constant?

    If so, can I then say that the variable polarization (serious polarization) via the constant affects the likelihood of the predicted outcome occuring?

    Thank you