Hi guys, i'm not very able to use stata. For my thesis, I have a panel data(1970-2017) for different countries and a lot of variables.
In this dataset, there is a dummy (dhairendH) that is equal to one in the years where a country end a debt restructuration.
i would like to graph 3 different dependents variables (it is better if they are overlapped) depending on the 7 years after the restructuration, like the image attached.
Of course i can create lags of this dummy, but how can I create a graph where, on the y we have the dependent variable and on the x axis ONLY the 7 years after the restructuration? (and not all the years i.e. 1970-2017). The image attached maybe could give you an idea.

The name of the the dependent variables are gini_disp, gini_cons and ginipretax. Obviously, I have variables years and CountryName. The name of the dummy is dhairendH

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