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  • What command can I use to select variables containing specific values in STATA?

    Hi to every body

    I wanted to ask you a question with regards stata coding. Im working on a big data set now wich contains different sets of variables(like: id date category country etc ). the problem is that i
    want to do a difference-in-difference estimator. which means im looking to create a smaller sample from the big ones including only observations that are identical to each other in terms: id, date
    and category but in different countries. and im looking to deal only with these types of data, not the whole . i have a list of 8 countires which i already grouped in a dummy variables : east west and central. the goal is to see how the countries (only west and east) that were effected form a policy differ with regards to response in comparison to the central countries that were not part of the policy.

    the central countires contains hunderds or even thousends of different id , but im only interested to group only those id that are identical accros different countries(only keep those observationos with central countries id that are also part of western and eastern countires), in the same date and the same category. I cant do this manually since the data set is too big and Ive tried writing them in a loop many times but always faild. I would appriciate a lot if you could give me an idea about this.

    Thanks in advance