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  • xtabond2?????????????

    hi guys,
    my study is about the impact of education on economic growth in developing countries.
    i have used N=48 and T=15(2002-2016)
    i have used also 7 independent variables: edu=enrollment rate in secondary education, k: fixed capital rate: l: labor force rate, g: government spending rate, inf: inflation, M2: money suply, ff: economic stability
    GDP is a dependent variable (gross domestic product rate). so i want to use a GMM model in my study through xtabond2, my problem is to determine what are the endogenous variables and exogenous variables to estimate the xtabond2 as follows: xtabond2 gdp l.gdp edu k l g inf M2 ff y*, gmmstyle(l.pib endogenous variables, collapse) iv(exogenous variables y*) twostep robust small orthogonal nodiffsargan. please help me

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