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  • Xtmelogit - very long calculation time, any solution?

    Dear all,

    I am new to multilevel modeling and I am struggling with it on Stata.

    Specifically, I am trying to estimate a three-level hierarchical model (50.000 cases) with an interaction and a random slope.

    The process it is extremely long, more or less half an hour to obtain the first output after "refining starting values". I do not know how many time it would take to estimate the model and having the estimations.

    Is it normal? Does it exist a procedure that could make the process quicker?

    Thanks a lot, best, G

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    Yes. It takes a huge amount of time, as your sample size is large. I have been struggling with melogit and a sample size of about 80,000 observation. Unfortunately I am not aware of any method to speed up the estimation