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  • cox proportional hazard model

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to replicate a part of this paper for my master thesis. In the paper, the authors state: "The last two columns of Table 7 report the regression results from a proportional hazard Cox model. We use a sample of 765 successful mergers(..). The dependent variable is the number of days to complete the deal between the announcement date and the effective date."

    I have created a similar dependent variable for my own study which solely consists of days to deal completion. As in the original study, I did not include incomplete or withdrawn mergers.

    However, when setting up the model, stata is asking me to define a failure condition. As all of my included deals were completed and therefore belong to the survival condition, I do not get any meaningful results when running the model this way (coefficient is one, no p-value).

    My question is now if there is any way of using the Cox model with the described variable. If the authors of the study managed to do it, there must be a way. i just haven't been able to figure out exactly to do it.
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