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  • How to plot the below graphs after quantile regression?

    How to plot the below graphs after quantile regression? I have used "grqreg" but i found different plots. I need the same. Thanks

    Click image for larger version

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    You might get a quicker answer if you post in the General forum and not in the Sandbox forum.
    If you need the same plots, why don't you create them yourselves? "grqreg" does not allow to change to the options for plotting. You can follow the approach of "grqreg". First estimate your model, then save the coefficients of interest to a new file and then plot the coefficients.
    I use this approach for my own plots. While I have code for my approach, this code is tailored to my specific problem. But I can give you pointers if needed where to start coding.


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      Thank you very much for your response. I am beginner of STATA so could you please send me STATA codes for plotting above graph. Thanks