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  • How to exploit open xml features for creating docx style tables?

    It seems that Stata Corp has not provided a window to different open XML features when creating docx styles tables in Mata. It just provides us with selected functions. This is unfortunately a limiting factor, providing us the choice of using function that Stata Corp has created. Does anybody know a workaround for this?

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    You make it sounds trivial to provide the various functions to manipulate an XML document. If there's a feature that is lacking that you would like to see, you can request it by emailing Stata directly or putting your request in the Wishlist thread pinned to the top of the General forum.

    Alternatively, you could read the OfficeOpen XML standard and create your own routines. I had a peak at that standard once and it's several hundreds of pages long. No doubt Stata has *not* implemented all possible features, but have focused on what StataCorp feel are most essential. It's also likely that they will continue to implement new features as time goes on (as can be seen in the progression of features form Stata 15 onwards).


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      Thanks for your reply.