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  • Cloud instance for slow optimization?

    I have a Stata MP 4 core license. I have an incredibly complex mata optimization program running on my dual-core 16 gig laptop. It appears that it will take an impractical amount of time to optimize.

    I was going to use a cloud instance on Amazon AWS or something similar with many more cores. Is this something that should be speed it up? Is there a way to temporarily increase my license to more cores? Thanks for any feedback.

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    You may find the Stata/MP Performance Report will help you understand the limits of Stata's parallelization.

    Older topics on this, in case you didn't find them already by searching Statalist:


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      In addition to William's advice, since your license if for 4 cores/processors, Stata will not use more than that, regardless of platform. It may make sense to push the computation to the cloud if you need your computer for other things while you wait.