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  • When convergence is not achieved with time dummies

    I will appreciate guidance with this.
    I have a panel data from 41 states over 40 time periods. My dependent variable is binary (adopt or not adopt). I used Hausman test and determined that fixed effect is preferred. I am seeking to use the conditional fixed effects logistic regression to estimate my odds ratios. I generated 40 time periods and have included 39 time dummies. After running the model for 24 HOURS no convergence is achieved and had to stop it. I find that the regression is successful without time dummies, or when I exclude the last 20 years, or select alternative years but not the last few years. I find few of the time variables significant.
    Two peer reviewers asked I include time dummies. Any advice?


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    welcome to this forum.
    Instead of creating time dummies yourself, why not relying on the wonderful capabilities of -fvvarlist- notation?
    I cannot say if this will speed your calculation up, but surely you will benefit from a straight relationships with -margins- and -marginsplot-, extermely useful in post estimation.
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