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  • Create latex table displaying only test result of "test coeff_a=coeff_b" for various regressions

    Dear all,

    as the only answer I received to my last post was not at all what I was asking about, I am reposting it.

    I want to make a latex table summarizing the result of the same test from various regressions. I have been making latex output tables with esttab, using the booktabs option, and they look great.

    The concrete thing I want to do:
    - run a bunch of regressions which have minor changes
    - for each regression, test a=b and test c=d (test if two estimates are the same. The four variables a, b, c and d are called the same in each regression)

    Then, create a table displaying:
    - in the first column, which regression it is
    - in the second column, the test result for a=b
    - in the third column, the test result for c=d

    The rows should go through the regressions one by one, and for each test display:
    - a-b (or c-d), including significance stars of the test a=b (or c=d)
    - in parentheses, the F-test (as in r(F) of the test)

    I hope it is somewhat clear. Is there any simple way to do this?