Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way to compare two AUC statistics in the immediate format. I had to generate two AUC statistics for a diagnostic meta-analysis using the command -midas-.

I generated two AUC summary statistics:

Group 1 - AUC 0.92 (0.89-0.94)
Group 2 - AUC 0.75 (0.71-0.79)

Clearly, they are different given that the confidence intervals do not overlap but I wanted to compare them directly and provide a magnitude for the difference along with confidence intervals. Normally, I would use the -roccomp- command but it wouldn't be applicable in this setting. Simply comparing them directly with a t-test would be incorrect.

If anyone knows of any user written command to directly compare two AUC statistics, I would be greatly appreciative.

Many thanks.

Chris Labos