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  • How record variables to apply circsummarize: degrees or radians?

    I am using circsummarize to describe time of the day data (24 h clock) with the statistics mean direction and confidence intervals for variables regarding times of mosquitoes biting activity reported by housedholders in a Colombian malaria endemic region. I am no sure how the data should be recorded (degrees? or radians?), before to apply circsummarize.
    In the help for circsummarize in Stata the description says that the statistics for circular variables with scales between 0 and 360 degrees. In contrast, in the help for circular I found: "Stata expects angles to be in radians (pi radians = 180°)" an the factors _pi / 180 and 180 / _pi are mentioned for conversion between angles and radians.
    I apply circsummarize to my data recorded in both degrees and radians (degrees converted to radians) and althought the statistic mean direction an confidence intervals (converted to hours) are very similar, they are no equal. I would appreciate very much your help.

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    Essentially a duplicates. If interested, see