After having inspected the contigency tables and corresponding measures of association (specifically Cramer's V, G&K's gamma and K's tau-b) for all pairs of categorical variables in a dataset, I would like to be able to quickly look at just the measures of association without having to scroll again through multiple crosstabs. I thought of using the module "makematrix" as in the following example (running Stata version SE 16.1 on Windows 10):
ssc install makematrix


set obs 30
set seed 100
gen var1 = runiformint(1, 2)
gen var2 = runiformint(1, 3)
gen var3 = runiformint(1, 4)
gen var4 = runiformint(1, 3)
gen var5 = runiformint(1, 2)

foreach va of varlist var1-var5 {
foreach vb of varlist var1-var5 {
display "Measures of association for " "`va label `v''" " by " "`vb label `v'':"
makematrix, from(r(CramersV) r(gamma) r(taub)) list cols(`va') : tab `vb', V gamma taub
However, this solution still involves a fair bit of scrolling. Ideally I would be able to output a single matrix showing as a graphical table the Cramer's V, gamma and tau-b for all the variable pairs in the style of the Stata module "corrtable", but unfortunately I don't yet have the programming skills needed to pull off something like that. Do you know of any Stata modules that accomplish this (or do you have a program that does this and you'd be willing to share on this list)?