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  • stacking up datasets for FE regression

    I have three separate datasets with exactly the same variables. Each is arranged in the following columns: ProviderID, Year, Variable X, Variable Y..etc.
    How can I stack them up to run Fixed effects regressions?

    Thank you!

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    -help append-.

    To learn the basic commands that are used repeatedly in data management and routine data analysis in Stata you should read the Getting Started [GS] and User's Guide [U] volumes of the PDF manuals that come installed with Stata. It's a lot to read and it will take you some time. But you will soon get that time repaid in faster problem-solving, and less time spent posting questions here and waiting for somebody to respond. You won't remember every detail, but you will be able to generally recognize which commands are likely to be useful in most situations, and you will be able to then refresh your memory on the details by referring back to the help files and manuals.

    Also, in furtherance of discussing Stata clearly, remember that a Stata data set is not a spreadsheet, despite the superficial resemblances. In particular, Stata data sets do not have "rows" and "columns." They have observations and variables, respectively. While making the distinction sounds (and is) pedantic, doing so consistently will help you break the associations in your mind between Stata data sets and spreadsheets. This is important because following spreadsheet habits when working in Stata is often unhelpful, and sometimes leads you far astray.