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  • MAPTILE: a Stata program that makes mapping easy. Available in SSC.

    maptile makes it easy to map a variable in Stata. It is now available in the SSC, with thanks to Kit Baum.

    maptile generates choropleth maps. It divides the areas on the map into groups and shades them in increasing intensity according to the value of the variable being plotted. The map itself is drawn using geography templates, which can be downloaded here. These templates are easy to create and share.

    Check out the maptile website for further details!

    maptile is built on top of Maurizio Pisati’s spmap. spmap is an outstanding program which runs behind-the-scenes to draw each map when you run maptile. Without spmap, maptile would not exist.

    A key contribution of maptile is its very accessible syntax. As its help file states, “spmap gives the user full control over the formatting of almost every map element, thus allowing the production of highly customized maps”. When using maptile, most of these customizations are stored away in the geography template. As a result, the syntax for making highly customized maps using maptile can be very simple. Additionally, the geography templates can be easily shared and used by others.

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    maptile is updated in the SSC, with thanks to Kit Baum. If you've already installed maptile, you can update it by running adoupdate. To install it for the first time, run ssc install maptile.

    This update (v1.02) has a couple improvements, listed below. Thank you to Ashish Shenoy for prompting them!

    Minor bugfix:
    • maptile is now able to run on datasets containing multiple observations with the same geoid, as long as the geoid is a unique identifier after the if/in options are applied.

    Minor feature improvement:
    • Add a twopt() option to pass standard twoway options to spmap. This could always be done (and can still be done) using spopt(), but this was never sufficiently clear.


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      maptile is updated once more in the SSC, with thanks to Kit Baum. If you've already installed maptile, you can update it by running adoupdate. To install it for the first time, run ssc install maptile. Check out the maptile website, and the first post in this thread for more details.

      This update (v1.04) fixes some bugs, listed below. Thank you to Derrek Grunfelder-McCrank and Jon Petkun for reporting them!

      Minor bugfix:
      • maptile can now handle RGB color values within the fcolor() option. Doing so also requires installing updated geo template files: all of the templates on the maptile website have been updated.
      This update also fixed some issues with running maptile on Stata 12, as reported and tested by Jon Petkun.


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        This is awesome and just what I need for a project I'm currently working on! brilliant!


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          In the past few weeks, maptile has received a number of new geo templates which can be used to create new types of maps. All are available from the maptile website:
          • Meru Bhanot submitted templates for U.S. CBSAs, MSA/CMSAs and MSA/PMSAs
          • I created a template for HRRs
          • Chieko Maene submitted templates for vintage 2000, 2010 and 2014 U.S. counties


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            A geo new template is available for maptile, which creates hexagon tile maps of U.S. state data:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	statehex_noopt.png
Views:	1
Size:	466.8 KB
ID:	1360272

            The template was created by Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, based on the design of Brian Boyer, Danny DeBelius and Alyson Hurt at NPR. The team at NPR described their design process in an NPR Visuals Team blog post.

            You can install the template (and learn more about maptile) from the maptile website.