Historical Statalist archives

All postings made on the current Statalist forum are available on this site. Statalist formerly existed as an email listserver based at Harvard. Archives of the postings to that list are provided here:

The historical archive includes a search engine and allows individual posts to be viewed by thread or by date.

Statalist ado-file archives

The Boston College Statistical Software Components Archive, maintained by Christopher Baum, contains all postings of complete programs or commands to Statalist. The archive also contains scripts and programs for other statistical and mathematical programs. All these programs may be accessed through two services:

  • IDEAS, hosted by the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

  • EconPapers, hosted by the Department of Business, Economics, Statistics, and Informatics at Örebro University, Sweden. (This link may provide faster access to those in Europe.)

The most reliable way to examine and install new commands from the Statalist ado-file archives is to use Stata’s ssc command.

For information on finding new commands from all resources, we recommend that you take a look at Finding resources from within Stata.